Sales Professional Training

Sales Professional Negotiation E-learning

Advanced selling skills for sales negotiation


The most important thing a coach needs is knowledge that his team can or can’t play under pressure...
— Vince Lombardi


Developed specifically for SALES PROFESSIONALS, this intensive course provides proven strategies and tactical skills to help your sales professionals win under pressure!

Consider the following questions faced by sales people and sales managers in today’s highly competitive market:

  • What do you negotiate?

  • Are you facing trained and savvy buyers?

  • Do your customers have and use power?

  • Is money being left on the table?

  • Can you improve margins?

  • Are your salespeople trained to respond properly under pressure?

This proven course will provide fundamental skills and tools for improved interaction and maximized results from every sales call.  We will reinforce The SELL process (introduced in the foundational course) that equips with strategic and tactical tools. Reinforcement of pre-call planning is an integral part of our negotiation training. Preparing and practicing responses to objections and ploys will become a personal discipline of each sales professional!

Become aware of the negotiation environment and adversarial ploys!

Know and sell product Benefits and company value versus price!

Enhance relationship skills, listening, and professional consultant selling!

Utilize a tactical pre-call planning tool!

Learn defensive methodology!

Gain hands-on practice and skill!

It’s time for Sales Professional Negotiation training!


Course Outline

  • Winning under pressure!

  • Negotiation environment

  • The Adversarial Loop

  • Sales Professional Consultant

  • The Consultant Loop

  • Position assessment

  • Strategic planning – strategies for offense

  • Positional strategies, Leverage strategies, Concession strategies, and Exit Strategies (over 80 strategies)

  • Tactical offense; Pre-call planning*

  • Tactical defense; Ploys and objections (exposes 97 ploys used by trained and savvy buyers!)

  • Develop “Both-Win” responses, Defensive Drills (role-play practice)**

  • Challenge and Plan of Action


*Course assigned exercises include a target account SELL pre-call planning clinic where each attendee works on an actual customer call that is a challenging negotiation situation. **“Defensive Drills” role-play practice is explained and suggested for individuals and/or the team!


This powerful, comprehensive E-Learning course can be completed at your own pace and requires no travel, calendar commitments, or time off the field. The price is only $695 and the ROI begins immediately!