Sales Professional Training

Why Sales Professional Training

Sales growth, margin improvement, & better customer relationships!

Our Passion and Expertise

  • Sales Professional Training is dedicated to raising the bar in this profession and developing Sales Professionals.

  • Our focus is on basics and fundamentals. This assures believability and acceptance. We equip salespeople with simple, but profound tools to apply to their unique selling situations. Not canned selling, but well-designed, well-practiced and well-executed selling!

  • Relationship skills, people skills, communication skills, and listening skills are foundational in all levels of our material.

  • We teach value and benefit selling in a way that can be applied in dynamic day-to-day selling – not just a sales philosophy or sales buzz words!

  • Pre-call planning is clearly taught and implemented with this training. Tactical planning is based on the selling process and salespeople learn to prepare what they will say and how they will respond in each unique call. Every call is different—every call counts. The days of winging it are over.

  • Real-life customer target accounts are used in the training to allow direct application and immediate ROI.

  • Video-recorded and professionally critiqued role-playing is an integral part of the learning methodology.

  • Management follow-up is included in the design and is strongly encouraged. Clear direction helps to build the tools and disciplines of the curriculum into your culture! The training is sustainable vs. a one-time shot.

  • We provide a comprehensive sales career development curriculum that includes negotiation training and sales support team training.

  • The delivery is proven to be well-received and credible. This is essential. Otherwise the sales people will reject it or just tolerate it! The front-line sales professionals and sales managers who have completed training with Don Buttrey testify that it is the most realistic and practical training ever received and is not hype or dogmatic silver-bullets.

  • The core curriculum is designed be integrated with your internal systems and tools! The Four Pillars of the Sales Profession easily supports and integrates with your CRM and other sales team tools!


Do your sales people run their territories - or do their territories run them?

Do your salespeople pre-call plan?

Can they skillfully sell your company’s value for a premium price?

Are they able to build strong relationships with all types of customer contacts?

Do they ask the right questions?

Do they listen?

Consider this: When your salespeople interact with customers…how skillful are they? Sales disciplines require training and practice in the fundamentals! Today’s economy is tough and EVERY call counts.  Sales Professional Training will provide practical, realistic help for your sales team NOW!


Don Buttrey

Don is a no-nonsense, powerful teacher who relates sales skills so effectively that both rookie and veteran respond immediately and never get bored. He is a gut-level coach with extensive real-world sales and territory experience. He uses no corny or hokey techniques - just hard work on the proven basics...sales fundamentals! Front-line sales professionals always give him high marks and indicate that his sales training is “the best they have EVER received!”


The key to coaching is not what you do, but the way you do it. The intangibles, the motivational parts of the game are the most important part of it.
— Rick Pitino


What people say about Sales Professional Training:

“I have been is sales for 25 years and have had every kind of sales training and this is the absolute best I have experienced!" (Heavy equipment Sales Manager)

“I have been through Don’s live training and the E-learning is just as effective - maybe even more - since I could absorb the skills and use the tools at my own pace! My entire team will complete the course on our LMS.” (Sales VP, fastener manufacturer)

"I have learned so much that I am truly overwhelmed with thoughts. I bought the book - The SELL Process, for additional education. I will be using these steps to advance my selling skills. I recommend this course to any sales person who is committed." (Material handling sales rep)

"Very insightful, learned a lot! Don is very outgoing, real, and knowledgeable! Listing your accounts, prioritizing them, and being strategic with your approach helped me the most. Now I have an objective for each call through out each step." (Industrial distributor salesperson)

"Very engaging. Opened my eyes to how I approach accounts - especially cold calls. Enforces having a plan." (New sales rep)

"Keeping things organized will simplify my life! I need to continuously practice!" (Manufacturer rep)


Here are some video excerpts from live training (and our E-learning!)


Pillar 1 - Personal Disciplines

Pillar III - Strategic Selling

Pillar 11 - Relationship Skills

Pillar IIII - Tactical Selling