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The Four Pillars of the Sales Profession E-Learning

Foundational Selling Skills Training Course


It is important to stop periodically and work on your career.

The Four Pillars of the Sales Profession e-Learning course is designed to equip and empower sales professionals with proven skills and tools! Whether an experienced veteran salesperson or a brand new rookie who just started into sales – this course will be beneficial!

I assure you this is not some goofy seminar where I tell you ‘canned’ stuff to say---or where I talk about how great I am, mountains I have climbed, or how I sold millions for some fortune 500 company. This comprehensive curriculum is about YOU.  We will work hard on fundamentals and apply them to your specific selling situations and style----skills and tools you can use immediately!

I have been teaching salespeople for over 20 years in private training events and sales training camps. And admittedly, there is value in classroom training. But hey, let’s take advantage of the technology at our fingertips! This delivery of The Four Pillars of the Sales Profession course will actually be BETTER than “live” training and will go way past those limitations of time and space. Again, the tools and disciplines taught for decades in this course are proven!

With this version of the course:

  • You can take it at your own pace and absorb and process the information before moving on. So many people come up to me at the end of a training day and say –“what was that example you gave about this or that –I tried to take notes but I didn't catch it all”

  • You can apply each concept out in your actual sales situations as you work through each skill or tool.

  • Without time constraints of an event with a timed agenda, we can dig into important selling concepts in adequate detail. Often in a live event we only have time to introduce topics and encourage continued follow-up and reinforcement after the training (which is essential –but is often not done once the training is over and everyone gets back into the rat race)

  • If your company has a Learning Management System (LMS) – this course can be delivered to the entire sales team on that platform allowing direct coaching involvement with sales managers and documentation of completed learning for the training department and Sr. management!

  • And best of all, with this e-Learning course I was able to draw from the wealth of specific learning examples that occurred over many years of  ‘live’ training sessions – as we did workshops and sales clinics. Skill development things such as examples that compare good open-ended questions with BETTER open-ended questions, typical mistakes of old-school patterns that can now consistently be addressed.


Detailed Course Outline


  • Opening Challenge from Don Buttrey

  • The Four Pillars Concept

  • Standardize

  • Attitude


  • Personal Ownership

  • Personal Disciplines Checklist & Vital Regimens

  • Customer Relationship Management - CRM

  • Regimens 1 & 2

  • Time Management


  • Building Relationships

  • Communication Skills

  • Listening

  • Sales Relationship Model


  • The Sales Lifeline

  • MARKETING; Regimens 3 & 4

  • SELLING; Regimen 5



  • The SELL Process - your offense

  • Sales Call Objective

  • Start step

  • Evaluate step

  • Leverage step

  • Lock step

  • Practice

  • SELL Defense


  • Four Pillars Building Blueprint

  • Management Follow-up and Coaching

  • Congratulations! Certificate of completion


Detailed Course Information


The Four Pillars Concept and Vital REGIMENS covered in the course:

The Four Pillars of the Sales Profession

20-25 hours of practical skills, tools and fundamental disciplines that are essential for sales professionals and a productive sales team.

Pillar I

Personal Disciplines: Learn the 24 disciplines needed as a professional sales person. Taking personal ownership of these will assure consistent actions and maximized results in your territory or area of sales responsibility. Sales is an individual sport where you must employ your own workout regimen and have a personal work ethic for brilliant performance and continuous improvement! Six VITAL REGIMENS will be established by each individual sales professional (SEE BELOW). These sessions will inspire personal change and improved time management.

Pillar II

Relationship Skills: People buy from people that they like and trust. This segment will sharpen core communication skills and drive home the importance of active listening! Highly engaging sessions will help you build relationships and skillfully adapt to all types and styles of customers.

Pillar III

Strategic Selling: Learners will gain a clear understanding of the big picture and the full range of responsibilities expected of sales professionals. Prospecting, account penetration, follow-up, service, and CRM will all be addressed. We will focus on territory management and implement formal strategic planning for key, major accounts.

Pillar IIII

Tactical Selling: Includes an intensive target account workshop where the learner selects an actual customer and will pre-plan for the next call with that customer. Using the workbook, video lectures, and skill development exercises, the learner will complete a written pre-call plan. Includes a clearly assigned role-play session all of which is directed to the learner’s sales manager for coaching and accountability!  This section will also work on skillfully responding to objections and negotiation ploys.

This training will inspire immediately and have significant long term impact - changing behaviors and building consistent professional selling disciplines!


The Four Pillars of the Sales Profession E-Learning is the practical, career-changing sales training you have been looking for! Just to show you that this in not just a course with generic tips and emotional hype -- see some of the pertinent topics included in the learning. Below are the 6 VITAL REGIMENS covered in this powerful course including take-aways for each:

(Territory Planning Disciplines)

REGIMEN 1 - REPORTING ACTIONS –  CALL REPORTING /ACTIVITY DOCUMENTATION - Learn the value of this important discipline to your company and YOU. Decide on the proper use of your CRM to accomplish.

REGIMEN 2 -TIME MANAGEMENT - week/month ahead planning - A time management TOOL will be provided to help you get control of your time and territory.

REGIMEN 3 - PROSPECTING NEW or PENETRATING EXISTING ACCOUNTS -This regimen will help you implement consistent, proactive prospecting.

REGIMEN 4 – EVALUATION OF TERRITORY/ACCOUNTS – list, group, prioritize - You will implement or improve your system of account prioritization to focus on the most profitable accounts.

(Specific account planning discipline for selected major accounts)

REGIMEN 5 – FORMAL ACCOUNT STRATEGIC PLANNING - A TOOL for Strategic account planning of major, conquest accounts will be provided.

(Tactical planning discipline for each proactive or reactive customer call or interaction)

REGIMEN 6 - PRE-CALL TACTICAL PLANNING - A tactical pre-call planning TOOL and an objections response TOOL will be provided.



This powerful, comprehensive E-Learning course can be completed at your own pace and requires no travel, calendar commitments, or time off the field. The price is only $770 and the ROI begins immediately!